Day 5 in India

Monday, 08.10.2018

The second school day began for us with a partner work for our physical project. The respective exchange partners worked together on the topic “Go green – with alternative sources of energy”. For this purpose we exchanged information about the energy consumption of our house/apartment as well as the hours of sunshine at our location. The data for this were noted by all students for the month of September as preparatory work. We compared these values and finally came to a conclusion (see energy reports).

Afterwards we were visited by a “German” class of the school with whom we could communicate well by a mixture of German and English.

In the following lesson we presented our prepared presentations in different classes. The lectures on various topics such as the history of Germany, traditional specialities, our school system, music and sport or the ore mountains should give the Indian students a small insight into different parts of the German culture.

Like last Friday we had dance lessons later, where we were taught further steps of a traditional Indian dance. Everyone gave their best and tried to follow the choreography. There was a lot of laughing.

Afterwards everyone worked on his picture started on the first day of school in art lessons. With the support of the Indian students, the works of art slowly took shape through the use of bright colours and it was possible to exchange ideas about any topic of conversation. And so ended another eventful school day…

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