-IBN BATTUTA

Everything is same yet everything is so different. We are same in the sense that we have same emotions , same biological structure but we are different in terms of our Language , our Culture , our practices . This is the essence of a cultural exchange programme.

Initially, we all were little nervous and too much excited about the programme but then it turned out to be the best experience of our life. The testimony to this is the fact when Germans wanted to stay a little longer and their promise to visit again.

They loved trying Indian food and experimenting with great Indian variety of food and carried back Indian spices and Indian love back. They loved Indian Jewelry , Festivals and our Hospitality.

Movies , Songs and Poetry depicts our society so we watched a Bollywood movie ‘Sonu ke Titu ki Sweety’.

The coolest part of the exchange programme was grooving on ‘Macarena’ and ‘I am a Barbie Girl’ and also teaching them a few steps of  ‘London Thumakda’ and ‘Tunuk Tunuk’ . In India different states have different dance forms which fascinated Germans. They also loved wearing heena tattoos.

Germans were mesmerized to see Indian Heritage and Values. They appreciated the concept of Joint Families.

So this German-Indian Classrooms  was not only mere travel to India but more about exchange of our culture , values ,  our experiences. Overall, I  had a great time with my partner. We learnt new things about our countries , cultures and how families lives there and here. Hoping to see all my friends soon and explore more about each other and share happiness and love everywhere. Until next time.


Aditya Sharma




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