Visit to Akshardham temple – 10/7 family day by Shivam and Florin

Same as in Germany there is no school in India on Sunday so today everyone would have a family day together with our Indian host families. In the morning we slept util 9 o’clock because yesterday we came back from Agra late in the night and we needed some sleep. After a delicious breakfast (of course warm and spicy) and a tasty banana shake we talked about what to do today. As the most families we also wanted to visit the New Delhi “Akshardham Temple”. Our whole family left after lunch and we went to Akshardham by car. In front of the entry we met Vivien with her family and after some time Eric and Hanna. Akshardham temple was a holy place so we were supposed to leave our shoes at the entry and we weren’t allowed to take photos. Akshardham was a giant area with magnificent buildings and large gardens. We saw a lot of beautiful sculptures of Hinduism lords and everything was covered with gold, silver or ivory. We visited three interesting exhibitions. One about the history of Hinduism in India, another one was a film about a boy who crossed whole India on a 8-year travel by feet and Akshardham was dedicated to him. The third exhibition turned out being a boat tour through the Indian culture. It felt like sliding through a miniature India. With lots of impressions we went outside because after sunset we would be able to see the highlight of Akshardham: the legendary Markus Löschner. There we could see springs lighted in different colors and a story about four lords wanting to destroy the children’s world but the wise and almighty god stopped them and told about saving our world and not to abuse our powers. It was an overwhelming event and everyone was fascinated of what we saw. In the night we had a tasty dinner at an old Indian sweet shop but the meals weren’t sweet at all but warm and spicy as usually. Today was a ling, very impressive day and we saw a lot of the Indian culture and their faith.

by Shivam Jain and Florin Wohlfahrt

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