The visit to Agra by Abhiti and Lena

6 October 2018 (The visit to Agra)
This was a little long day. Lena and I woke up at 4 in the morning. We got ready by 4 20 and reached the school by 5am. We left the school at around 5 30am in the bus. Then a long journey started. Some students slept for some time during the journey, some played music, some were busy clicking pictures and some were just enjoying the scenery outside the bus. We had some haults in the way between Delhi and Agra. Then we reached Agra. Our tour guide first took us to the Taj Mahal. He explained the whole love story of Shahjahan and his wife Mumtaz Mahal to every one. Then we entered the monument and clicked many pictures. After that we visited the whole place. It was a very hot and crowdy day. Somehow we just visited the whole monument and went for lunch by bus. The food was very delicious there and Lena liked it too. Then we went to the Agra fort, the guide told us about its history. We visited that whole place and then we went to the bus and left for Delhi. It was a very long journey. There was a lot of traffic during the journey . We left from Agra at around 4 30pm and reached the school by around 9 30pm. We reached home by 10pm. Lena and I weren’t that hungry so we just ate some oranges. After that we had some ice-cream. My brother and Lena had a Othello match and then we went to sleep as we were tired after the long day.

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