The wind turbine


We used the wind turbine before 100 years ago. In the past we made flour,but now we make energy.

The meaning:
• The wind turbine change the power of the wind in mechanical energy.
• It wants to make the best energy power
• It will helps the climate, so we dont must use for example oil

„Horizonttalläufer“                                                    „Vertikalläufer“



When the wind has 5m / s on the wind turbine, and when the rotor blades optimally in the wind. The kinetic energy of the wind flow acts on the inclined rotors and thus causes a rotational movement (→ rotational energy). The rotor is connected to the drive source. This converts the mechanical energy into electrical energy. The result is electricity, which then comes through a line through the tower and is fed into the network. → In optimal conditions, up to 6 MW rated power is delivered.



The Foundation:
It has all the power for holding the other constructions.
Example: „Schwerkraftfundament“

The tower:
It is the biggest thing of the wind turbine. The height is addicted of the wind.
Example: trawn towers

Machine house:
Is on the tower
The wind leaves are light

 No trees, buildings or other things near the wind turbine
 Collection from wind turbines in windparcs


Good things

Free Energy source

Lower Costs

Reduced space requirement

Bad Things

unsteadiness of the wind

Disorders of animals

noise pollution



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