Sun hours and energy by Vrinda and Josephine


Comparison of sun hours in New Delhi and Saxony in the month of September 

The sunshine hours recorded in saxony and India in the month of September differ a lot. The German report says the sun may or may not be there for the maximum hours, it shines around 9-10 hours a day and Indian report says it shines to approximately 12-13 hours a day. Germany even experience days with no sun due to clouds and heavy rains. The sun may or may not shine all the day it only can be seen for an hour or two. The rains are lesser in the month of September in Delhi, but September 2018 had some days with rain,rather than that the sun is always shining. 

Need of solar energy,as an alternative source of energy. 

As the consumption of electricity is much more in India than Germany due to the higher population, the need of adapting the solar energy in India is more. The average sunshine in India is approx 12.367 hours and in Germany its 5.732 hours. I think the sun hours in India portrays that how the solar energy can be the best way out for reducing uses of conventional energy and switching to non conventional sources. The usage of solar energy can reduce the usage of electricity to more than 50%. 

Advantages of solar energy. 

Solar energy is an eco friendly and non polluting energy. It doesn’t produce any greenhouse gas. This is a renewable source of energy which can be used for maximum days. The introduction of solar cells can also store the energy so that it can also be used at night. The dependency of foreign oils and fossil fuels are reduced. So over all usage of solar energy is beneficial than usage of conventional source of energy. 

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