Warm water by sun – solar panels

The structure

Solar panels are mounted on the roofs and consist of several layers. There is a layer of glass and an absorber layer. In between there  is a black metal layer. The metal layer prevents the heat emission to the environment. Below there is a water-antifreeze mixture, which can be heated up to 105 ° C. The liquid is directed to the buffer tank, which is usually in the basement. After that, the mixture is pumped back to the solar panels.

How does it work?

When the sun’s rays hit the collector, they are absorbed by the absorber. The water-freeze mixture is heated and the heated liquid flows back into the buffer tank through insulated pipes. The then cooled mixture is pumped up to the collector again and the process is repeated.

When the sun does not seem to be enough, a boiler comes along to help with natural gas heating.

What’s the use?

In Germany, it is a duty to install something in a newly built home, which reduces the energy needs. Often solar panels are used because they are the cheapest.
Also swimming pools in our region use solar panels coupled with geothermal energy to heat their pools.

Source: http://solarsystemindonesia.com/portfolio/sunnytech_pro_integrated_pressurized_system/

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