Herbstash – A collaborative project

The collaborative project ‘Herbstash‘ has been a real learning and enjoyable experience for all involved. During our stay in Germany in the month of may, the visit to herbal gardens was amazing. Learning about the mysteriously named herbs and their medicinal culinary and other informative properties was enriching part of the project. I am always reminded of that one German herb which we couldn’t resist eating again and again as it was sour and delicious at the same time. All my friends enjoyed this informative tour tremendously. The herbalogues prepared by our Germans partners were magnificent and neatly prepared. Everyone was amazed by the presentation of the German kids.

HerbstashBack in our own land, all of us participated in the ‘Donate a herb’ activity and donated one herb each, to the school. Growing a herb by ourselves, caring for it like a mother was a different kind of a feeling. I am in love with this collaborative project and will cherish these unforgettable moments for a lifetime.


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