Sunshine hours and energy consumption.

In the month of January ,India had an average sunshine duration of 6h per day.However , it is enough for the solar panels to work as they require approximately this much amount of anergy to work efficiently
In Marienberg ,the temperature was about 0 degree celcius and to was mostly cloudy.hence ,the average sunshine duration was much lower as compared to India .

In April, Germany had an average sunshine duration of 7.4 hours per day which quiet good for producing energy within solar modules , but the average sunshine duration in India was nearly twice as high i.e 11.5h per day .
Therefore the solar panels in India produce more than twice as much energy as in Germany ,however the cost for installing and running the modules is equal in both the countries .

Although solar technology would be more useful in India than in Germany yet only a few number of houses in India have solar panels on there roofs. However in Germany a higher number of inhabitants receive electrical energy from the sun.

Therefore, to conclude, we can say that ,solar panels should be placed in India because the sunshine hours as well as light intensity is much more in India than in Germany.

According to the statistics the energy consumption is nearly the same in India as well as in Germany. The average energy consumption in Germany is around 16 KWh whereas in India it is 15kWh .but in April clear differences were noted .the average energy consumption of my house was more than 18KWh whereas at jasmines places it was 11KWh per day .

These differences come from different climatic conditions due to which heaters and air conditions require special facilities. In winters , the cost of heating is very high in Marienberg whereas in India the heaters are superfluous.

In April, the moderate temperature causes a lower energy consumption because it is not necessary to heat but in India the air conditioner works on maximum power the whole month to compensate upto 45 degree Celsius outside.

In general it is significant that Indian households consume much more electricity than German households. This happens because on one hand the air conditioners are used more than heaters in Germany.So it consumes more power. On the other Indian households are lighted 24/7 even in the night. This over usage leads to higher power consumption which is an avoidable waste of electricity.

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