Comparison of sunshine hours

Sunshine hours

India’s January was a hot month with an average sunshine duration of 6 h per day. Anyway that’s still enough for solar panels,  because they need a specific amount of light energy to work efficient. In Marienberg the temperatures moved around 0 °C and it was usually cloudy, so the average sunshine duration was much lower compared to India.

In April Germany had 7.4 h sunshine per day which is quite good producing energy with solar modules. But the average sunshine duration in India was nearly twice as high: 11.5 h per day. So solar panels in India produce more than twice as much energy as in Germany while the costs for installing and running the modules are equal in both countries.

Although solar technology would be more useful there than in Germany just a small number of Indian houses have solar panels on their roofs. In Germany a higher number of the inhabitants receives their electrical energy from the sun.

So to conclude we can say, solar panels should better be placed in India than in Germany because there is much more sun in India and the light intensity is higher.

Energy consumption

According to the diagrams above the energy consumption are nearly the same in India and in Germany. The German average is around 16 kWh and the Indian one around 15 kWh. But in April there are clear differences between those states. While I noted an average consumption of more than 17 kWh Alexandra’s household had around 10 kWh every day.

That differences come from the different climatic circumstances, which require special facilities inside: Heater and air conditioner. In winter the heating costs are very high in Marienberg while the heater is almost superfluous in India.

In April the moderate temperature causes a lower energy consumption because it is not necessary to heat. But in India the air conditioner works on maximum power the whole month to compensate up to 45°C outside.

In general it is significant that Indian households consume much more electricity than German ones. That happens because on the one hand the air conditioner is more used than the heater in Germany so he consumes more power and on the other hand that has to do with a negative habit of the Indians:

Indian houses are lighted 24/7 even in the night. That’s the case in most of the households there which can afford a power supply. So in the night most of the Indian people sleep with running ventilator and bright light. That over usage leads to higher power consumption and is a avoidable waste of electricity.

by Garima and Alexandra

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