Family Day

Each day of this trip has an interesting story to tell, coupled up with beautiful memories that are going to last forever. I couldn’t be happier to get to know that I’m going to the longest flyline in the world ! We woke up around 9, got ready, had our breakfast and were all set to go to Oberwiesenthal.

Going on a flyline has always been an incomplete dream for me, because whenever we got tickets for it (in India), due to some reason, I couldn’t go. But this time, destiny made it possible! It was a pleasurable 9 minute long ride.

Not only the flyline, but also, we went for the amazing Alpine ride … whooshh, it was fast and crazy. We also met a few friends there.

Soon, we drove to a nearby mountain named Keilberg to see snow which made me feel ecstatic, afterall I made my very own snowman for the very first time in my life! Here it is, frosty 🙂

Then, we went to St. Annaberg Church, its a 500 year old church and we experienced serenity there.There was a high tower attached to it and we went to the top to get the bird’s eye view of the area. It was great!

St.annaberg church

After having fries and delicious scoops of ice cream at the Roscher cafe, we went to an animal park. From owls to rabbits, it is a nice place for animal lovers.

For dinner, we went to a Chinese restaurant and I ordered noodles and spezi (it’s the mixture of cola and fanta). After this hearty meal, we went to meet a friend of Alex’s mom and dad. They welcomed us nicely and were really sweet, like my host family.

It was a fun-filled day !


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