MONDAY, MAY 20′ 2019

In the morning we all assembled in the front of the school from where we took a bus for Dresden and reached Landtag(Saxony’s Parliament) in 1 hour. There we had a guided tour of the parliament in which we saw meeting room, the design of the parliament how it is designed in  a shape of a boat ,how many rooms are present in the building ,new building,old building and we also went to the plenary hall,our guide explained us where which party sits, where is media present, where does the speaker  sits and the story that there was once blind stenographer who could understand by their voice who said what even when there were conflicts in the parliament. She also told us that one session of parliament which happens once in a month can last up to 20-24 hours but ministers can take break in between to eat or to go to washroom because for example when discussion is on food then maybe education minister can go. But at the time of voting everyone needs to come in the plenary room. After our guided tour, we went to a meeting room where we had our meals by representative of Green Party and after the meals we had discussion with them about our project of ALTERNATIVE SOURCES OF ENERGY and we asked a lot of questions for example how Germany deals with its waste, how is energy produced from coals or fossil fuels in last century changed in Germany by more and more wind mills and solar energy; also we talked about how the Greens if they come in power how they’ll help in  making Saxony better and we also talked about their agendas.

After we talked to them we went to Shopping where we saw a beautiful monument which was our meeting point and after we were coming back from shopping to the meeting point it rained and we had a rainy experience which was really funny as all of us were running in the rain because we were late, at the end we catched the bus and reached Marienberg on time.

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