15th May 2019 by Shivam and Florin

After Prague’s visit Silvia ma’am (Mrs. Langhoff) picked us around 9 pm.  There then in bus we came to Marienberg in their school. Their parents were waiting for us, it was around 10:15 am when we reached. Then we went to our host’s house. There my host welcomed me with a lovely card and some sweets. Then I was tired so I went to bed directly. Then in the morning around 7 am I woke up and got ready for school and my host’s mother gave me light breakfast I had it and then we went on to school. School was very nice, all the teachers were very good. They took us to a Marienberg tour and then they had a welcome ceremony for us, there principal welcomed us with a speech. After the welcome ceromany I went to my host’s home. From there we went to nearby trampoline park where we enjoyed very much. After trampoline park we went to a Pobershau tour (my host’s village) and after that I gave gifts to my host family which I had bought. They were happy to get all the gift and then we had dinner and went to bed.


by Shivam Jain

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