Our visit to Taj Mahal

Our trip to Taj Mahal was my first trip with the German guests. Moreover ,it was the first day when I started interacting freely with them .

It was a long journey we had to leave too early to reach Agra as we had to cover a large distance. When we reached there Simeon was really mesmerized to see the Taj Mahal and listening to it’s amazing tale. He was really astonished when he got to know that the whole building is symmetrical¬†

After viewing the tombs , we ha dour lunch and then visited the Agra Fort. From there we went to a momentum shop and to a sweet shop ,where the German guests tasted Indian sweet dish ‘Petha’.

It was a long day, we reached back home late but it was worth as we got to know about the building with such a great past and architecture. 

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