Comparison between the sunshine hours?️ in Marienberg ?? and New Delhi ?? by Kashish and Cäcilia

During the month of September 2018 the Germans and the Indian students have to write down sunshine hour’s of their respective country.




September in New Delhi was pleasant and there were showers in the middle of September whereas in Marienberg it was a hot and dry month. The average sunshine hours in New Delhi was 12.36 hours and the average sunshine hours in Mareinberg is 6.4 hours. So, New Delhi received more sunshine hours than Marienberg. India has more sunshine hours as compared to germany. Therefore, there is an enormous scope for solar energy in India.



The electronic items which are used in india most are air conditioner, refrigerator, Washing machine,etc in which the air conditioner needs the most of the energy whereas in Germany washing machine consumes the most of the energy.



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