Sunshine hours New Delhi-Marienberg by Florin and Shivam


During September 2018 the German and the Indian students had to write down the sunshine hours of their hometowns Marienberg and New Delhi.

The September at Marienberg was very hot and dry so the average time of sunshine was around 7.2 hours per day. In New Delhi thr Indian students had always sunshine 12 hours a day. The average of sunshine hours in September was 12 hours and 20 minutes. Sunrise in New Delhi usually is around 6 am and sunset is at 6.20 pm. So the Indian students have almost twice as much sunshine a day as in Marienberg and the sun is more intensive than in Germany. Although solar technology would be more useful there than in Germany just a small number of Indian houses have solar panels on their roofs. In Germany a higher number of the inhabitants receives their electrical energy from the sun. The technology is wide more effective in India because they have 12 hours sunshine the whole year. On the other hand they are only effective in summer in Germany because the other seasons are too cloudy and rainy so the light intensivity is too low.

So to conclude we can say, solar panels should better be placed in India than in Germany because there is much more sun in India and the light intense is higher.

by Shivam Jain and Florin Wohlfahrt

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