Differences between the Marienberg and Rohini energy results by Charlotte and Aditya

Sunshine hours in Marienberg and Rohini

The Marienberg and Rohini sunshine hours are really different!
In Rohini the sun shined 362.63 hours but in Marienberg the sun shined only 173.20 in September .
That means that in Rohini the sun shines 12 hours per day and in Marienberg 6 hours per day on an average.
Since 12 hours are twice as many hours as 6 hours, this implies there’s  double the amount of sunshine hours in Rohini than in Marienberg.
By using solar cells,we can generate a lot of solar energy in Rohini.
In Rohini,sunrise timings are increasing and the sunset timings are decreasing ; this implies that the sun shine hours are decreasing day by day in Rohini in the month of September.

Devices which consume maximum energy

Marienberg                                                                                    Rohini
1. fridge                                                                                             1. fridge
2. washing machine                                                                       2. TV
3. fridge-freezer                                                                              3. washing machine

In both places the fridge use the most energy.
In both places the washing machine needs a lot of energy; in Rohini it need less energy than in Marienberg.
The TV in Rohini use more energy than the washing machine. In Marienberg the TV don’t use lots of energy.
In Germany a household often have a fridge-freezer and a fridge. In New Delhi the fridge-freezer is integrated in a normal fridge. This means that in New Delhi the households don’t have to spend energy in fridge-freezers.

Efforts by : Charlotte and Aditya

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