Difference between energy of Germany and India by Simeon and Shamit

In my house the energy consumption is  253 KwH ,  in Simeon’s house the energy consumption is 188.8 kWh. So the energy consumption of me  in house is more than the consumption in Simeon’s   house.

In Simeon’s house the refrigerator makes the maximum power consumption but in my home A.C. (Air Conditioner)makes the maximum power consumption.

In Germany in the month of September the sunshine hours in India was 362.63 hours but in Germany it was 179 hours. So India had 183.63 more sunshine hours . The average sunshine hours of India were 12.08 hours and average sunshine hours of Germany were 5.96 hours.

The main devices used at my home are A.Cs , L.E.Ds, Washing Machines , Mobile phones etc and the main  ones at Simeon’s home are Ovens, fridges, Stoves,Washing machines etc .

So there is a huge difference between energy consumption,  sunshine hours of Germany  and India .

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